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14.8 million litres alcoholic drinks seized across Europe

2 седмици 4 дни ago

Customs and police authorities have seized nearly 14.8 million litres illicit alcoholic beverages, wine and beer in a targeted action led by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF). OLAF’s targeted action was part of Europol-Interpol operation OPSON XI.

OLAF trains digital forensics and analysts to fight fraud

1 month 1 седмица ago

The European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) completed today its 23rd digital forensics and analysts training. The two-week programme trained mainly staff from national law enforcement agencies and covered the area of digital forensics, computer crime and analysis in the anti-fraud domain.

Game over: 8000 fake toys seized during raid in Poland

1 month 3 седмици ago

A joint raid by OLAF investigators and officers from the Masovian Customs and Tax Office (Warsaw) resulted in the seizure of 8000 counterfeit toys with an estimated value of €113,000 (PLN 535,000) from an outlet housed in a wholesale shopping centre on the outskirts of Warsaw.

PIF Report: Reinforcing the protection of EU’s finances

2 months 1 седмица ago

Today the European Commission has adopted its 2021 Annual Report on the protection of the EU’s financial interests (“PIF” report). According to the report, the number of detected and reported cases of fraud and irregularities remained stable in 2021 with over 11 000 reported.

Slovakia: 2021 Annual activity report of AFCOS published

5 months 2 седмици ago

The Slovak AFCOS/Unit National Office for OLAF of the control section within the Slovak Government Office, together with the partners of the AFCOS network, have published their Annual Report on Activities in the Protection of the EU’s Financial Interests in the Slovak Republic.

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