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Exchange of experience between AFCOS Directorate within the Ministry of Interior and the Internal Audit and Investigations Department (IAID) within the office of the Prime Minister of Malta


Following an invitation of Internal Audit and Investigations Department (IAID) within the office of the Prime Minister of Malta (AFCOS Malta) in the period 26.09.2016 г. – 30.09.2016 г. five representatives of AFCOS Directorate visited Valetta in order to exchange experience and good practices in the fight against fraud, affecting the financial interests of the European Union.

The visit was carried out under the project “Providing for and supporting AFCOS Directorate’s activities with regard to its work under the European Structural and investment funds (ESIF)”, contract BG05SFOP001-4.002-0010-С01/03.10.2016, financed under Operative Programme “Good governance”, priority axis “Technical assistance in management of ESIF”, budget line № BG05SFOP001-4.002-0010.

The Bulgarian delegation was welcomed by the Director General of Internal Audit and Investigations Department (IAID) within the office of the Prime Minister of Malta. Meetings were held and discussions took place with representatives from the Customs department of Malta, the Certifying authority for the period 2014-2020, the National Audit Office, the Managing authority in the field of Structural and Cohesion funding, The Economic crimes unit (Malta Police force), the Audit Authority, the Agriculture and Rural payments agency within the Ministry of sustainable development and climate change. The representatives of AFCOS Bulgaria held a meeting with the Attorney-General of Malta, with whom discussed directions for future interaction and cooperation.

The meeting with the Attorney-General of Malta was held as a discussion in the area of fight against fraud, the role of the pretrial proceedings and the Court, the preparation of Bulgaria and Malta as regards to the upcoming Presidency of the Council of the European union. The discussion covered the future changes and evaluation of Regulation 883/2013 of  the  European  parliament  and  of  the  Council of  11  September  2013 concerning   investigations   conducted   by   the   European   Anti-Fraud   Office   (OLAF), the possible ways of development of AFCOS services in performing both administrative and criminal investigations, the idea of European Public Prosecutor’s office (EPPO) and other.

The visit contributes to enriching the experience of the Bulgarian and Maltese officials in the fight against fraud affecting the EU’s financial interests and serves as a base for a fruitful bilateral cooperation.

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