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proj_2016_10_w1280.pngOn 3 and 4 of October representatives of the AFCOS Directorate within the Ministry of interior visited the European Anti-fraud office (OLAF) headquarters. The visit aimed to familiarize the participants with the work of the directorates and units in OLAF and to improve the interaction and cooperation between the both authorities. The visit included introduction of presentations and information by managers and experts in OLAF and discussions at presented information and concrete cases.

In the framework of the visit the experts from AFCOS Directorate were acquainted in details with the process of selection and review of the cases, led by OLAF, and the measures, undertaken in result of the performed investigations. Issues, connected to the Hercule III Programme, the combatting illegal producing and smuggling of cigarettes, the specific analysis and reporting on fraud prevention were also touched.

The meeting was estimated as exceptionally useful and beneficial by the both sides, as an expression of the existing good cooperation and as a possibility for its intensification and widening in near future. The visit was reflected on the Internet site of the European Anti-fraud office.

Information about the visit and photos from this event can be found on electronic address: http://ec.europa.en/anti-fraud/media-corner/news/04-10-2018/olaf-receives-study-visit-bulgarian-anti-fraud-coordination-service_en.   

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